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"My number #1 ranked website for learning about citizenship is an extraordinary site. Study for the US Citizenship Test, an online self-access course created by Charles LaRue at the Metro North Adult Education Program in Minnesota is very accessible and engaging — my students have really liked it."

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We will help you prepare for the different parts of the U.S. Citizenship Test.

USCIS Test Scoring Guidelines

  1. You can read and print out our online study guide. It has all the information you need to answer the 100 questions about American history and government. You can also order a bound copy of the study guide written for your state. And we have translated versions of the 100 questions in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian.
  2. You can practice answering the written and oral questions about American history and government online until you understand this information. We have online quizzes that test your knowledge of American history and government. We have written multiple choice quizzes and quizzes with oral questions and answers. You can use the MP3 audio files to listen to and repeat the answers to all the questions, and then practice answering the questions yourself. You can also purchase the 100 questions and answers on an audio CD. Or download the MP3 files to your player and use them to practice anywhere.
  3. You can practice writing the dictated sentences online until you are comfortable writing them in English. These are the same sentences used by the US CIS to test your ability to write in English. We have 10 sections with ten sentences per section.
  4. You can practice answering questions from the N-400 form until you understand the questions and the vocabulary. These are the same questions used by the US CIS to verify that you answered the questions on the N-400 form correctly and that you understand spoken English well enough to explain those answers. We have four oral quizzes for you to practice these questions.
  5. You can see the US CIS video showing how the test is actually given.
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