Helping someone prepare for the Citizenship Test

To help someone prepare to take the US citizenship test, you need to practice with them in three areas: American history and government, sentence dictation, and the N-400 form:

  • Our study guide has all the information they need to know about American history and government.
    This study guide covers all the information asked about in the 100 questions.
    Students can review this information with the written quizzes and then do the audio quizzes online.

  • Our dictation questions are ones used by the USCIS to check that a person can write in English. Students can listen to the questions and type their answers or you can print them out and dictate the questions to them.

  • Students can practice answering the questions they answered to complete their N-400 form.
    The USCIS uses these questions to do two things:
    • To check that the information on the N-400 is accurate,
    • To show that the person understood the questions and answered truthfully.
    Students can practice answering questions about the N-400 with audio quizzes. You can also print out the questions and ask them in a mock interview.
  • I'm ready to order online or order by mail.

    Any other questions you can call the US CIS directly.
    National Customer Service Center (NCSC): 1-800-375-5283

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